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Military Families

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Oakleaf Village Elementary Schools  supports our military-connected students and families. 

Oakleaf Village Elementary School is proud to support our military-connected students and families with a full-time Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) program. The MFLC program is designed to address the unique lifestyle of military families. Benefits to our students include easing transitions, meeting other military children who share similar circumstances, learning coping skills, and support through deployments and moving.   Activities include Lunch Bunch groups, Yellow Ribbon Ceremonies for deployments, and Deployment Groups. 

Contact information:

Military and Family Life Counselor:

Military and Family Life Counselor

Phone: (904) 


Military and Family Life Counselor

Phone: (904) 


Enrollment and Registration:

,  Records Secretary


Online Registration, click here.

For Military Families planning for transition:

Teri Wanamaker, Naval Air Station Jacksonville School Liaison Officer (SLO)

(904) 778-2236


Sharon Kasica, Mayport School Liaison Officer (SLO)